Rib, Dip, Hooray!   Change

Pork ribs rubbed in seasoning, marinated, slow cooked then flame - grilled to order.

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Classic Ribs  

Served with crispy fries and spicy chargrilled corn on the cob. Half rack or full rack, smothered in your choice of:

  • Our Legendary Glaze   Glaze
  • BBQ sauce  
Hot & Spicy Ribs   Caution: Super Spicy

Dusted with chilli seasoning, chargrilled and topped with fresh red chillies. Served with Frank’s® RedHot sauce, sriracha fries and spicy chargrilled corn on the cob

  • Half rack  
  • Full rack  
Please inform your server of any allergies or intolerances before you order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to guarantee that any product is 100% free from any allergen due to the risk of cross contamination in our busy kitchens.